Wood Pellets

  • Diameter: 6mm / 12mm & 6mm / 8mm Available
  • Humidity: 5.4% & 6.8% Available
  • Ash: 0.5-1.0% & 0.3-0.5% Available
  • Packing: 15kg bags or per Client’s Request.
  • DIN: Made from spruce, oak , beech and pine
  • DIN Plus: Made from Spruce, oak, beech and pine
  • Color: Light
  • Heating Value: 4796 kkal/kg – 4950 kkal/kg & 4223 kkal/kg – 4996 kkal/kg Available 
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Wood Pellets: Efficient Biomass Fuel

Wood pellets are a type of biomass fuel made from compressed sawdust or wood shavings. They’re commonly used for heating purposes in pellet stoves, furnaces, and boilers. Buy wood pellets from us and learn everything about it’s  production process which involves compressing wood residue, often from sawmills or forestry operations, into small cylindrical pellets without additives or binders.

These pellets have gained popularity for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: They have a high energy density and burn cleanly, producing less ash compared to traditional wood logs.
  2. Convenience: Pellets are uniform in size and shape, making them easy to store, handle, and feed into automated heating systems.
  3. Renewability: Wood pellets are considered a renewable energy source since they’re made from waste wood or sustainably harvested timber.
  4. Environmental Impact: They’re seen as a more environmentally friendly option compared to fossil fuels, emitting lower levels of greenhouse gases when burned.
  5. Versatility: Wood pellets can be used in various heating appliances, making them versatile for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Wood Pellets suppliers

Looking to buy wood pellets? Look no further! We are reliable wood pellet suppliers and we offer high-quality pellets for sale at wholesale prices. Whether you need bulk sales or just a few bags, we’ve got you covered. Shop now and enjoy the convenience of clean, efficient, and sustainable heating with wood pellets.

Wood Pellets suppliers

Wood Pellets suppliers


Sustainable: Made from recycled sawdust, these wood pellets are a renewable energy source that helps reduce carbon emissions.

Efficient: With a high BTU output, wood pellets provide powerful heat while producing minimal ash and smoke.

Cost-effective: Wood pellets are an affordable heating option, especially when bought in bulk.


– Made from 100% compressed sawdust- High BTU output- Low ash and smoke production


1. Load wood pellets into your wood pellet stove or boiler.

2. Ignite the pellets using the stove or boiler’s ignition system.

3. Enjoy a warm and cozy space as the pellets burn efficiently and cleanly.


Q: Are wood pellets safe to use indoors?

A: Yes, wood pellets are safe to use indoors as they produce minimal smoke and ash.

Q: Can I use wood pellets in a traditional fireplace?

A: No, wood pellets are designed for use in specific wood pellet stoves and boilers.

Wood Pellets for sale

However, the availability and quality of wood pellets can vary based on the source material and manufacturing process. Factors such as moisture content, pellet density, and ash content can influence their efficiency and performance in heating systems.

When considering wood pellets for heating, it’s important to ensure the pellets meet quality standards like the ones we offer our customers, as poorly manufactured pellets can cause issues like clinker formation, increased ash production, and lower overall efficiency in heating appliances and at CPG Marketplace, we do have Wood pellets for sale


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