Refined ICUMSA Sugar

Icumsa : 45, 100 & 150
Polarization : 99.50% min
Ash content : 0.15% Max
Moisture : 0.10% Max
Solubility : 100% Free Flowing
Radiation : Normal Certified

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ICUMSA Standards for Sugar

Looking to buy ICUMSA Sugar? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 100, and ICUMSA 150 sugars at wholesale prices. Our high-quality sugar is perfect for various applications. Get the best deals and top-notch customer service when you buy ICUMSA Sugar from us. Shop now and satisfy your sugar needs!

ICUMSA has established a numerical system for classifying the color of sugar, known as the ICUMSA color scale. The lower the ICUMSA number, the whiter and purer the sugar is considered to be. This color classification is particularly important in the international trade of sugar, where buyers and sellers use ICUMSA values to specify the quality of the sugar being traded.

For example, ICUMSA 45 is a common specification for refined white sugar, indicating a high level of purity and minimal color. Its values are determined through specific laboratory methods that measure the color and other quality parameters of sugar samples.

Icumsa: 45, 100, and 150 variants are available for your consideration. These sugars boast a minimum polarization of 99.50%, ensuring high purity. With an ash content of no more than 0.15%, they offer exceptional quality. Moisture levels are kept to a maximum of 0.10%, guaranteeing optimal dryness. Enjoy the convenience of 100% free-flowing solubility, allowing for seamless incorporation into your recipes. Rest assured, our sugars are certified to meet normal radiation standards.

Buy ICUMSA 45 Sugar

ICUMSA 45 Cane sugar is a highly refined sugar with a high purity level. The number “45” in ICUMSA 45 refers to the level of whiteness or brightness of the sugar. The lower the ICUMSA number, the whiter and more refined the sugar is considered to be.

Buy ICUMSA 45 Sugar

ICUMSA 45 Sugar

Here are some key characteristics of ICUMSA 45 sugar:

  1. Color: The ICUMSA 45 cane sugar is white, indicating a high level of purity and refinement.
  2. Granulation: It is a fine-grained sugar, often used in applications where a smooth texture is desired.
  3. Purity: ICUMSA 45 sugar has a high sucrose content, making it a pure form of sugar.
  4. Common Uses: It is commonly used in food and beverage industries, including the production of confectionery, beverages, and other processed foods.
  5. Export: It is often exported globally, and its specifications are recognized internationally.


Buy ICUMSA 100 Sugar

The lower the ICUMSA number, the whiter and more refined the sugar is considered to be. In other words, ICUMSA 100 sugar is relatively white and less colored compared to sugars with higher ICUMSA numbers.

Buy ICUMSA 100 sugar

ICUMSA 100 sugar

Here are some general characteristics associated with ICUMSA 100 sugar:

  1. Color:
    • ICUMSA 100 cane sugar is relatively white and has minimal coloration. It is often used in applications where a high level of whiteness is desired, such as in the production of certain food products.
  2. Purity:
    • Lower ICUMSA numbers generally indicate a higher level of purity in sugar. ICUMSA 100 sugar is considered to be of good quality and is suitable for various applications in the food industry.
  3. Application:
    • ICUMSA 100 sugar is commonly used in the production of confectionery, beverages, and other food products where a high degree of sugar whiteness is important for the final product’s appearance.

Buy ICUMSA 150 Sugar

Here are some characteristics of ICUMSA 150 sugar:

Buy ICUMSA 150 Sugar

ICUMSA 150 Sugar

  1. Color: ICUMSA 150 Cane sugar has a relatively light color compared to higher ICUMSA numbers. The color is measured in ICUMSA units, and a lower number indicates a lighter color. ICUMSA 150 is considered a medium brown or amber color.
  2. Purity: ICUMSA 150 sugar is generally refined and has a high level of purity. The refining process removes impurities and colorants to achieve the desired color and quality.
  3. Usage: ICUMSA 150 sugar is commonly used in various food and beverage applications where a medium-brown color is acceptable. It is suitable for products like baked goods, confectionery, and certain beverages.
  4. Processing: The sugar refining process for ICUMSA 150 involves multiple stages to purify the sugar and achieve the desired color. This may include processes such as crystallization, filtration, and decolorization.
  5. Quality Standards: ICUMSA standards are internationally recognized, and sugar producers use them to ensure consistency and quality in their products. The ICUMSA scale provides a standardized method for assessing the color of sugar.
  6. Market Application: ICUMSA 150 sugar is often used in industrial food production where a specific color is required in the final product. It may also be used in certain


Q: What are the different types of ICUMSA White Cane Sugar available?
A: We offer ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA 100, and ICUMSA 150 varieties of white cane sugar.

Q: What is the difference between the different ICUMSA levels?
A: The ICUMSA level refers to the color and purity of the sugar. The lower the ICUMSA number, the whiter and purer the sugar is.

Q: Is ICUMSA White Cane Sugar organic?
A: No, ICUMSA White Cane Sugar is not organic. However, it is made from natural sugarcane and does not contain any synthetic additives or preservatives.

Q: Can I buy ICUMSA White Cane Sugar in bulk?
A: Yes, we offer bulk options for all our ICUMSA White Cane Sugar products. You can purchase it in 50lb, 100lb, or 1-ton bags.

It’s important to note that while ICUMSA is primarily associated with the color of sugar, other parameters such as moisture content, particle size, and chemical composition also play a role in determining the overall quality of sugar. Additionally, the specific requirements for sugar may vary depending on the intended use in various industries.



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